Erosion Control using Soil Drain / P.A.M.

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Complete Green Company helped originate P.A.M. for erosion control and to prefect its use for erosion control. We found that Soil Drain / P.A.M. reduced erosion 98% (See Control of Erosion by Polymeric Soil Conditioners published in the Scientific Journal Soil Science, volume 141, pages 363-367, 1986)

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Soil Drain / P.A.M.

Treated soil becomes a mulch of soil which reduces evaporative water loss. Water infiltration is increased with better movement of salts thorough the soil profile. Salinity is reduced. The rate that sodium can be leached increases. Recycled water is safer to use.

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Benefits of using P.A.M.

PAM will make friable, well-structured soils.

The beneficial properties of conditioned soils include:

  • Enhanced water infiltration – when the rate of water infiltration exceeds the rate of rainfall there is no erosion….
  • Increase the efficiency of fertilization – large rooting volumes….

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Introducing Complete Green Company, the experts in making your top soils BETTER! With our pioneering approach to erosion control using Soil Drain / P.A.M., we have perfected the art of reducing erosion by a staggering 98%. Our groundbreaking research, published in the esteemed Scientific Journal Soil Science, has revolutionized the industry. Treated soil becomes a mulch of soil, reducing evaporative water loss and increasing water infiltration. Salinity is significantly reduced, making recycled water safer to use. Using P.A.M. will not only make your soils friable and well-structured but also enhance water infiltration and increase the efficiency of fertilization. Join us on this journey to sustainable and thriving landscapes. Contact Complete Green Company today and witness the power of our innovative solutions.

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Soil Drain P.A.M.

Soil Drain P.A.M.

Potent soil conditioners were discovered in the 1950s. The journal SOIL SCIENCE published in 1952 dramatic new methods to condition soil but the results were too expense for common implementation. The technology was not perfected until the 1980s when we were able to demonstrate economical and beneficial soil conditioning. We authored most of the articles which were published in the May 1986 issue of SOIL SCIENCE. This issue was dedicated to the new developments in soil conditioners. The journal wanted to announce the new breakthroughs in this technology. One of the photographs from this publication has appeared in many encyclopedias showing benefits of soil conditioning. There has been about 1,000 university and federal research publications on the ability of PAM to condition soil. The front cover of SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL from December 1998 shows the function of PAM to stable soil crumbs in the presence of water and the ability of PAM to flocculate turbid water and cause the dispersed soil particles to aggregate and settle out preventing sediment migration.

PAM is now used as the active ingredient erosion control applied with hydroapplicators. PAM has been used to help reclaim saline soils in Southern California and Northern California. It has been used in hundreds of jobs.

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